Wholesaler of refurbished laptops in Italy

Are you looking for a reliable import export-company specialised in the trade of used and refurbished laptops in large quantity? This seller can offer you both small lots and individual models of refurbished notebooks such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu. All the products come with 12 months warranty. 

This Italian wholesaler is offering a great solution for businesses that are looking for computer equipment for their offices at low costs. they are specialised in supplying call centers, offices, schools etc. The trader acquires a variety of ex lease laptops that can be bought in their online shop and delivered to your location. Below you will find some examples of the notebooks listed by them for sale.

Intel Core I5 laptops by HP and Dell – the prices start from as low as EUR 130.00 / piece! 

Cheap ex lease laptops lots

Cheap ex lease laptops lots


The company offers several lots of HP and Dell notebooks with the i5 processor for sale. The prices range from EUR 130 to EUR 350 per piece. These are all refurbished laptops, which have been tested and proved 100% functional. The HP 2540p Intel Core i5 250GB HDD with a 12.1″ display is available for sale at only EUR 130.00 / piece. 

Note that in most cases these are offers on single pieces of different models. You can order a small lot of DELL E5530 I5-3320 3.2GHZ 15″, which is available as a stock of 19 pieces, sold at EUR 230.00 / piece, or DELL E6320 I5 2520M, 4GB RAM 250GB HDD 13″ available as a lot of 11 pieces, sold at EUR 145.00 / piece. Another lot that may interest you is 12-piece lot of LENOVO X230 INTEL I5-3320M 12″ sold at EUR 160.00 / piece.

Wholesale of refurbished Intel I7 laptops by Lenovo – the prices start from EUR 240.00 / piece! 

If you are looking for notebooks with Intel I7 processors, the seller has several small lots of ex lease Lenovo laptops for sale. The prices range from EUR 240.00 to EUR 440.00 / piece. One exception is LENOVO I801 INTEL I7 2.66GHZ 12.1″, which is available at EUR 130.00 / piece as a small lot of 7 pieces.

Payment and Delivery

The goods can be shipped within Catania, Italy by the company’s operator free of charge. You can also have the international shipping arranged or collect the goods in person. The laptops come with 1 year warranty. In Italy, the seller offers express returns delivery in 48.

The seller deals with wholesale as well as retail via their distribution network and an online shop. The company offers you several safe payment methods such as PayPal, American Express, by VISA,  MasterCard and Maestro, as well as bank transfer, in cash, and other online payments.

Short and long-term leasing of the computer equipment can also be provided! 

If you are interested in seeing the refurbished notebooks offered by this wholesalers, you can go to the list in the site below:


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