Wholesale stock of floor standing fans and desktop fans

Summer is coming! Are you prepared for hot weather and customers looking for appropriate equipment to cool their office down a bit? This Polish wholesaler can supply your shop with a variety of floor standing fans and desktop fans that will give some refreshment in those sweltering days. 

This is an offer from a company based in Poland. They can supply you with large floor fans that are characterised by silent work, 90 degrees oscillation with a possibility of blocking the fan in one position, adjustable tilting angle, 3 stage speed, 40W power, and 230V voltage. The appliances have a diameter of 40cm and they are 125cm high. The height is adjustable as well.

There are two models available: one is in white, it has a cross-legged base; the other one is black, it has round base and it comes with a remote control. Both of them have a lead of 1.5m.

Floor standing fans wholesale stock

Floor standing fans wholesale stock

The total stock quantity of each model is 1000 pieces, and the orders start from 1 piece only! The company sells to the trade and to private individuals, thus the provided prices include VAT.

The white standing fan is available at the price of PLN 40.00 / piece, which is about 9.57 EUR / 8.30 GBP.

The black standing fan with a remote control is available at the price of PLN 70.50 / piece, which is ca. 16.87 EUR / 14.63 GBP. 

Volteno table fans wholesale stock

Volteno table fans wholesale stock


You can also purchase 21W Volteno small desktop fans wholesale, which are also available in either white or black. They have 90 degrees oscillation, 2-stage speed, 230v voltage, round base, height of 36 cm and 28cm mesh diameter.

These fans are much cheaper as they are sold at net price of PLN 28.50 / piece, which is about 6.82 EUR and 5.91 GBP per piece. The maximum order quantity is similarly 1000 pieces, and the order starts from 1 piece. 

These are all brand new products. If you want to get a quantity discount or to negotiate a wholesale price, you need to contact the seller directly, which can be done in the followin LINK.




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