Wholesale pallets of refurbished domestic appliances UK

Major online retailer graded domestic appliances’ wholesale deal is a proposal we would like to share with You today. This job lot consists of 327 pieces total, and the supplier is interested in whole sale transaction only.

What kind of domestic appliances does this offer include? Please have a look at the picture from below:

wholesale broken home electronics

All of these wholesale products were refurbished by a qualified factory, and are fully working. The only disadvantage of this tested wholesale merchandise, is a cosmetic condition of the goods. They all have small cosmetic marks, but this should not be a problem, if You will offer a good price while reselling these wholesale refurbs.

The stock is located in the UK, therefore all UK-based buyers of wholesale refurbished electronics should consider making an appointment with the wholesaler, in order to buy at his place.

Detailed information about this offer: buy wholesale domestic appliances

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