Today we would like to present two wholesale offers on Whirlpool major appliances listed for sale by a large international exporter. The stock is located in the United Kingdom, and it is composed of 50 pieces of Whirlpool gas hobs, model GMA6422 IXL, and 30 pieces of Whirlpool washing machines, model FSCR90410.

The company selling the products is a reputable wholesaler owning several warehouses all over Europe. The goods offered in the deals are brand new and in their original packages. The buyer can pick and choose or purchase the whole stock.

Stock of Whirlpool GMA6422 IXL gas hobs

Whirlpool gas hobs wholesale in the UK

Whirlpool gas hobs wholesale in the UK


Brand new and originally packed goods are available for sale in the UK. The minimum order is 5 pieces, and the maximum quantity available is 50 pieces. Due to an agreement with the manufacturer, the wholesaler is not allowed to reveal the selling price to the public. In order to get a price, you need to contact the company directly. The price (ex-VAT and ex-works) will be sent to you by email.




Whirlpool FSCR90410 washing machines


WHIRLPOOL washing machines pallets in the UK



If you are looking for brand new washing machines, you may be interested in this stock of Whirlpool washers, model SCR90410. The appliances are in mint condition, still in the original package. The available quantity for sale is 30 pieces, and you can order a minimum of 5 washing machines. The goods are stocked in the United Kingdom. You can pick and choose or take all 30 units. Price can be sent to you on email after you contact the wholesaler directly. Should you have any questions or doubts, the company’s multinational staff is also waiting to help you.




The wholesaler accepts online payment and bank transfer. The goods are delivered internationally. You may also be interested in more offers from the same company, as they have a regular stock of white goods and small kitchen appliances. You can check the link below to see more wholesale deals from them.






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