Regular stock of Aldi pallets of electronics

Are you looking for suppliers of kitchen appliances and electronics that can offer you regular stock at competitive prices? We have just found a super seller for you! This import-export company from the Czech Republic sells pallets of untested customer returns from Aldi’s chain store. They get new arrivals every week! 

This is a permament offer from a reputable wholesale based in the Czech Republic. The company receives 2-3 trucks full of pallets with Aldi retourware electronics. These are typically kitchen appliances returned by the store’s customers. Each truckload is composed of approximately 32-33 pallets with about 4000 mixed items on them. The products have not been tested. About 95% of the goods come with original packaging. The seller mentions that a vast majority, because it is about 85-90% of the products, is fully functional and new.


You can see some examples of the pallets content in the photos below:

Aldi wholesale kitchen appliances

Aldi retourware wholesale kitchen appliances

The products can be collected in person in the wholesaler’s warehouse in Zlín, the Czech Republic, or be shipped to your location (international delivery available – ask the seller what countries they ship outside Europe). The accepted payment methods are: bank transfer, in cash and payment online.

If you wish to find out more about the offer, to see more photos of the products, or contact the seller, you can get in touch with the company directly in the link below:



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