Pallets of microwave ovens for export — UK wholesaler

Are you looking for cheap second hand kitchen appliances for your shop? We have found a wholesale supplier based in Rugby, the United Kingdom, who can sell you a nice stock of 492 microwave ovens from different brands at a bargain price — only GBP 16.50 / piece!

The offer comes from a wholesale company specialised in exporting white goods and small electronics outside the UK. The condition of the products is unknown, as they have been returned by the customers of a large British retail chain. These goods are meant for export.

Wholesale stock of microwave ovens — retail shop returns

Wholesale stock of microwave ovens — retail shop returns

In total, there are 492 microwave ovens stocked on 48 pallets, which takes 2 truckloads when loaded. The wholesaler accepts paying via bank transfer. The stock must be collected in person. More information can be provided on request. You can contact the seller by following the link below:


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