Wholesale lots of Arcade Orbit CAMXL drones in the UK

Yet another great wholesale deal on long distance quadcopters! This time it is Arcade Orbit CAMXL available for sale in Telford, in the United Kingdom. These remote control toys will be perfect for you if you run a store with consumer electronics. 

The drones are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are capable of doing radical flips and rolls. Each drone is equipped with a 300,000 pixel camera, allowing for a bird’s-eye-view of the surrounding. The gyro stabilisers maximise control over the drone even in windy weather. This model offers you a long range control so that you can take it to new heights. It is suitable for teenagers 14+ year old.

untested customer returns stock of ARCADE Orbit Cam XL drones

untested customer returns stock of ARCADE Orbit Cam XL drones

The products come from a return center. They are untested customer returns, which means that they may be faulty or come in damaged packaging.

The recommended retail price for these RC toys is GBP 79.99 (Amazon). The price offered by the wholesaler is GBP 995.00 for the whole lot composed of 120 kits. For more information, including the detailed list and shipping costs, you need to contact the wholesaler directly. The contact details may be found on the page available in the link below: 


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