Wholesale pallets of coffee makers for sale

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We continue informing You about interesting deals on a wholesale market. Todays deal is on small domestic appliances, which are coffee makers. Both the quantity and the price per piece should be very interesting for wholesalers of such goods.

One of the suppliers offered a large wholesale stock of coffee makers for sale. There are over 5000 coffee makers total at stock. The brand is commonly know, because all of these small domestic appliances come from Clatronic.

What’s very important, these are not brand new coffee makers. The whole parcel includes untested customer returns, so some of these appliances might not work. Still, all of them will be delivered in original retail boxes. Furthermore, there are only 5 different models, so this stock is really good for those purchasers, who are capable of repairing these coffee machines and sell them to the retailers or even end-buyers.

The final important thing is, that these cheap graded goods cannot be resold in Germany. A supplier will reject the offers from German wholesalers and retailers, because this wholesale stock has to be exported outside this country. If You are interested in this volume deal, then You should get in touch with the seller and ask about detailed information. Just remember, that the offer will be valid till sold.

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