Wholesale home appliances customer returns

Job lot pallets of home appliances customer returns have been offered for sale by a French wholesaler. Below You will find a genuine picture of some of these job lot pallets, which might be helpful in estimating the real value of these domestic appliances.

home appliances job lot pallets

The wholesaler is offering 18 pallets of home appliances’ customer returns total, just like the ones from above. He does not want to sell this lot per single pallets, and prefers a take all deal.

There is no manifest o available home appliances, but the wholesaler mentioned, that most of them are Daewoo products. Furthermore, majority of these untested customer returns are small home and kitchen appliances.

Fortunately, the wholesaler encolsed some more pictures of this lot, so if You are seriously interested in buying it, You should view them prior to discussing the deal with the wholesaler: pictures

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