Wholesale Apple iPod 4th generation clearance stock

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Today we would like to present You a clearance stock of wholesale iPods, available to buy from a UK wholesaler. We do know, that nowadays it’s hard to beat the popularity of high-end flagship models of smartphones, but actually iPods are still very popular among the consumers. That is why, You might want to think over buying this clearance stock of wholesale iPods.

The basic condition of the deal, is to purchase all of these wholesale iPods. According to the UK wholesaler’s words, there are approximately 250 iPods to buy. Some of them are 8GB iPods, while the other are 16GB ones.

Apple iPod wholesale

All of these wholesale iPods’ condition have been described by the UK wholesaler as “excellent”. Finally, the potential buyer should be aware of the fact, that at least some of the available devices have been unboxed. This clearance stock of wholesale iPods does not include accessories.

Detailed information: link

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