Tested and working wholesale white goods from Spain

If You are interested in purchasing cheap wholesale white goods on a regular basis, and Your basic requirement, is that all of these appliances have to be fully operational, then this might be a good offer for You.

A wholesaler from Spain has several trucks of wholesale white goods for sale per week, and would like to reach the buyers of such products. According to the list of the brands he mentioned, there are only appliances of the major ones available for sale.

major appliances wholesale

Howcome they are cheap then? Because these are graded wholesale white goods. Before they are sold to the buyers, the wholesaler’s technician staff checks all of them, to make sure that they are all fully working.

According to the offer, the following major appliances are available for sale on a regular basis: refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines. The list of brands includes Bosch, LG, Samsung, Hotpoint, Siemens and some other popular ones.

Currently, the wholesaler has a total amount of 350 appliances for sale, and is willing to discuss the deal with anyone, who will be interested in purchasing at least 124 of them. This is the minimal order quantity for the wholesaler, and he will not be interested in selling these white goods in smaller lots.

If You found this offer interesting, then please go to the website from below. Apart from detailed information about the products and the deal, You will find there some more pictures of the current stock there too: website.

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