Domestic and kitchen appliances mixed wholesale lot

This year’s last posting will be a small job lot of kitchen and domestic appliances, which is available to buy from Czech wholesaler. Since there are 50 wholesale appliances total at stock, only a take all deal is an option.

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Wholesale kitchen appliances customer returns

Almost 2000 pieces of wholesale kitchen appliances’ customer returns are available to buy from one of the Dutch wholesalers. Besides the untested customer returns, this deal includes the other type of discounted wholesale products too.

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Wholesale small and major appliances job lot

Today we have for You an offer from Spanish wholesaler. The job lot he has for sale, includes small and major wholesale appliances. The total available quantity of the products is 1100 pieces, and the wholesaler is only interested in a take all deal.

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Wholesale home appliances customer returns

Job lot pallets of home appliances customer returns have been offered for sale by a French wholesaler. Below You will find a genuine picture of some of these job lot pallets, which might be helpful in estimating the real value of these domestic appliances.

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Wholesale kitchen appliances clearance stock for sale

To be honest, this wholesale lot can easily be classified not only as wholesale kitchen appliances sale, but also an outdoor equipment. A Spanish wholesaler has just listed an offer on portable mini electric cookers stock for sale, therefore a customer might be interested in purchasing this product for numerous […]

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