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Truckload of small home appliances – UK wholesaler

A large international wholesale company is offering for sale a full truck of small domestic appliances coming from customer returns. The offered price is GBP 6,600.00 / truck. 

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Side by side untested refrigerators wholesale supplies

An interesting deal has been announced by one of the Dutch wholesalers of major appliances. A deal includes untested refrigerators of major brands, which can be supplied on a regular basis.

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White goods customer returns clearance stock

One of the white goods wholesalers from France has just introduced a big clearance stock for sale. He is offering 3 trucks of untested wholesale appliances for sale.

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Untested small domestic appliances wholesale lot

If You are purchasing untested customer returns and damaged small domestic appliances on a regular basis, then this offer might be quite interesting for You. This deal came to us from a UK wholesaler, who is specialized in selling graded and damaged home appliances. Incoming search terms:wholesale untested electronics

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