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Samsung graded smartphones lot

Lot of Samsung smartphones untested returns – many models, C Grade

Are you running a second-help mobile phones shop or refurbishing company? A wholesaler from the Netherlands is offering for sale an interesting lot of used Samsung smartphones coming from customer returns, most of them still in their original boxes and with accessories.  Incoming search terms:untested smartphones seller

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Samsung wholesale electronics untested returns

Today we would like to present You a general deal on Samsung wholesale electronics untested returns from UK wholesaler of multimedia and brown goods. He has a rich assortment of Samsung customer returns’ pallets for sale, and is searching for the buyers, who are interested in obtaining wholesale merchandise of […]

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Samsung raw untested returns wholesale lot

This time, we have an offer of Samsung untested customer returns for You. This lot is available to purchase from one of the UK wholesalers, and consists of couple of different types of Samsung electronics.

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