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Remington refurbished products wholesale

Remington clearance stock of shavers, epilators, trimmers… (UK plugs)

Do you want to buy wholesale Remington haircare products? This wholesaler of electric appliances can sell you clearance pallets of Remington products for hair care and body care at competitive prices. The prices start from as low as GBP 4.50 / piece (this one is for Remington lady shavers). Small quantity […]

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Load of refurbished washing machines – mixed brands

An import-export company based in the United Kingdom offers for sale truckloads of various household appliances in bulk. They have an on-going stock of refurbished white goods, and they are looking to liquidate a stock of reconditioned, fully tested washing machines of various European brands. 

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Wholesale pallets of refurbished domestic appliances UK

Major online retailer graded domestic appliances’ wholesale deal is a proposal we would like to share with You today. This job lot consists of 327 pieces total, and the supplier is interested in whole sale transaction only.

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Philips refurbished cheap wholesale appliances

Once again, we are informing You about the wholesale deal on refurbished appliances. Again, the offer has been presented by the UK wholesaler of new and graded consumer electronics, therefore all UK-based retailers of refurbs and reconditioned electronics should be able to buy the stock at the place.

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