SMEG wholesale refrigerators clearance stock for sale

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On rare occasions, wholesalers are offering lots of wholesale white goods, which are not white at all. Of course, You are able to buy an appliance in any colour, in a retail store. But clearance stocks of wholesale white goods, which include only coloured major appliances, are indeed an unusual situation.

The lot, that we are writing about, has just been put online by one of the wholesalers. It consists of SMEG wholesale refrigerators, available in many different colours. Just take a look at the picture from below.

smeg wholesale white goods

The wholesaler is offering 90 SMEG wholesale refrigerators total, but the minimum to order is 30 appliances. The important information about this wholesale deal, is the fact that all of these white goods are graded. Nevertheless, all of them are working, approximately 10% have small imperfections, and the rest have some packaging issues. They have not been used, but simply suffered while being transported from one warehouse into another. Finally, they are all sold under manufacturer’s warranty.

For additional pictures and information about this clearance stock of SMEG wholesale white goods, please visit this website: click here

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