Small appliances wholesale lot: steam irons

Today we have for You a clearance stock, available to buy from one of the European wholesalers of domestic appliances. This wholesale lot consists of 2200 products total.

There is only one product available within this deal. It is a steam iron, model and brand: Hooker TL-6B. Basic specification of this model: 220V, 50Hz, 1200W.
According to our mini-research, this brand is mainly offered for sale in Czech Republic.

wholesale small appliances

The wholesaler is only interested in clearaning his warehouse totally, and that is the basic reason of offering this parcel on a take all basis. In exchange, he will heavily reduce the unit price for these steam irons.

There are some more examplary pictures of this product available, and one showing the retail box of this item. If You would like to view them, just go to the following website: link

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