Sanyo LCD TVs excess stock sale

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Due to the brands’ restrictions and limitations, some of the cheap wholesale electronics have to be exported outside the target markets. The offers of this type require not only the proper facilities, but also a developed business network in a few countries.

cheap wholesale electronics

The offer on Sanyo LCD TVs belongs to this category. A supplier of this excess stock informs all potential buyers about the fact, that these televisions cannot be sold to the end buyers within the UK. One has to sell them outside this region, in order to comply with the brand’s terms.

The stock includes 50 units of 26″ Sanyo CE26LD33 HD Ready LCD TVs. The minimum to take is just 10 units. Just do not forget, that these cheap wholesale electronics are not new. Still, they all are fully working and are being sold with all required accessories, incl. remote controls and manuals.

Besides this parcel, a wholesaler has lots of other wholesale TVs for sale, starting from 22″ LCD TVs, to end with 32″ screens. All of them need to be exported too, so UK mainland dealers cannot buy these products. Still, if You do have some business contacts outside the UK, then buying these wholesale TVs might be a good option for You.

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