Samsung graded wholesale TVs from the UK

This time, we found an offer on Samsung wholesale television sets for You, available from the UK wholesale supplier of consumer electronics. Although these Samsung wholesale tvs are not brand new ones, they all were tested and are fully working.

This parcel includes 24 wholesale tvs total, and is being offered as a single lot. We were not informed about the available models, but the wholesaler probably has a breakdown of this lot, available upon request.

samsung wholesale tvs UK

Although all of these Samsung wholesale TVs have been tested and are working, there might be some accessories missing, like the remote controls or 3D glasses. Also the original packages might be a bit damaged, but it is quite typical for graded wholesale products.

Finally, You should be aware that these wholesale TVs are not sold under warranty. Because of that, we suggest You inspecting the stock before ordering it, to avoid any misunderstandings between You and the wholesaler.

Details about this wholesale lot: click here

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