Royalty Line kitchen appliances from a Hungarian wholesaler

Today, we would like to present a range of Royalty Line appliances wholesale stocks listed by a Hungarian company based in Budapest. They a wide range of the brand’s new appliances and cookware in stock, and the prices start at only 9.25 EUR per appliance! 

Apart from stainless steel cookware sets available for sale at prices set between 24.50-41.00 EUR per set, the wholesaler is offering various lots of household appliances, see below (the prices listed are per piece):


– EUR 12.00 – ROYALTY LINE PIZZA PAN OVEN – min. order 10 pieces, 1000 pieces available

– EUR 10.90 – ROYALTY LINE STEAM IRON – min. order 10 pieces, 50 pieces available

– EUR 14.50 – ROYALTY LINE PARTY PAN – min. order 10 pieces, 50 pieces available

– EUR 9.25 – ROYALTY LINE – COFFEE AND SPICE GRINDER – min. order 10 pieces, 100 pieces available

– EUR 25.90 – ROYALTY LINE POWER JUICER 1000 – min. order 10 pieces, 100 pieces available

– EUR 50.00 – ROYALTY LINE DOUBLE INDUCTION COOKER – min. order 10 pieces, 100 pieces available

– EUR 19.00 – ROYALTY LINE INDUCTION COOKER SINGLE – min. order 10 pieces, 100 pieces available

– EUR 15.00 – ROYALTY LINE BARBECUE GRILL – min. order 10 pieces, 100 pieces available

royalty line wholesale

Whichever line of household electronics you choose to purchase, the minimum order is only 10 appliances. The total quantity varies, as you can see in the list above. The products can be collected in the warehouse located in Budapest, or they can be shipped worldwide. The wholesaler accepts payments by bank transfer, in cash and payment online.

More pictures and information on the particular lines of products in the link below:

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