Panasonic refurbished microwaves wholesale stock

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A wholesale stock of Panasonic refurbished microwaves has just been offered for sale by one of the UK wholesalers. This wholesale stock consists of 187 fully working microwave ovens by Panasonic, and the whole lot is available in the UK.

As said, all of the available Panasonic microwaves have been fully refurbished, therefore all of the appliances are fully operational. The wholesale stock includes the following models of Panasonic refurbished microwaves: NNCF760 x 50, NNCF778 x 57, NNCT870 x 35, NNCT880 x 10, NNCT890 x 35.

panasonic refurbished wholesale microwaves

Approximately 80% of these refurbished wholesale microwaves are sold in original boxes. The remaining part of this wholesale stock is packed in brown boxes. The minimum to purchase is 50 microwaves per order. Just mind, that if You are interested in the lowest price per piece, than You should seriously consider taking the whole lot of these Panasonic refurbished microwaves.

For more information about the deal, please view the offer here: website

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