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Pallets of ultra-high definition LED TVs by LG

17, May 2017 by admin in wholesale electronics,wholesalers     , , , ,   No Comments

This time we would like to present you a wholesale stock of high-end LG television. These are refurbished, fully working TVs labelled as B+ Grade, which have been offered for sale by an Italian import-export company. 

The TVs are complete sets, in original boxes with all accessories. The goods are under a 12 month warranty. The stock is composed of assorted models of LG ultra-definition television, including the following:

LG 42WL10MS-B, LG 43SM5B-B, LG 55SE3B-B, LG 60UF778V, LG 65UF950V, LG 43LX341C-1, LG 43UH610N-3, LG 47LB5610, LG 47LA620S, LG 49UH850V, LG 43UH610N, LG 43UH7507, LG 43UF7787, LG 49UH770V, LG 50LF650V, LG 43LH570V, LG 43LH590V, LG 49LH590V, LG 49UF6407, LG 43UH603V, LG 49UH770V, LG 47LB5610, LG 49LH570V, LG 49LH590V, LG 58UF830V, LG 60LB650V, LG 60UH605V, LG 60UH770V, LG 60UH8509, LG 65UF8509, LG 65UH600V, LG 65UH6159, LG 65UH770V, LG 47LB610V, LG 47LB630V, LG 49LB870V, LG 55LB630V, LG 55UF772V, LG 55UH605V, LG 55UH664V, LG 55UH950V, LG 50LN575S, LG 55LB671V, LG 55UF671V, LG 55UF950V, LG 55UH615V, LG 55UH661V, LG 55UH770V, LG 58UH635V, LG 55LB650V, LG 55UB850V, LG 55UF840V, LG 55UH615V, LG 55UH650V, LG 55UH668V, LG 55UH750V, LG 55UH770V.
wholesale LG television stock

wholesale LG television stock

There are 66 units in total split on pallets (on average, 8 units per pallet). The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet. The prices start from 250 EUR per unit. Due to the fact the company is selling assortments of different models, the price of each pallet is different.

For more information concerning the products’ division on the pallets,
please see the attachment available at the following site: CLICK HERE

The seller invites for inspection of the products in their warehouse in Milan, Italy. The accepted payment options are: Bank transfer, paying in cash when collecting in person, payment online, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, and Diners Club. The seller offers international delivery.


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