Pallets of BEKO built in dishwashers

Are you looking for a wholesaler of white goods available in the United Kingdom? One of the international import / export company has a large stock of major appliances in their warehouse in the UK. This is a stock of untested customer returns of different models BEKO dishwashers, and it is offered at an extremely low price, only 39 EUR per appliance!

The stock is composed of 144 appliances, which makes one full truckload. Most of the products are BEKO built-in dishwashers, whose retail price ranges from 300 to 400€ / piece. The wholesaler is liquidating the whole stock at the price of 5616.00 EUR (take-all price, ex-VAT and ex-works).

BEKO dishwashers pallets

BEKO dishwashers pallets

Unfortunately, there is no packing list available, but you can see the models in the photos (more pictures can be sent on request).

The goods have not been tested. They come as customer returns.

The wholesaler accepts payments by bank transfer, in cash and payment online. You can collect the goods in person, but international delivery is also available.


You can find more information in the link below:

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