LTLM kettles untested customer returns for sale

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Pallets of untested returns will be the main topic of today’s posting. A wholesaler from Czech Republic has a few pallets of kettles for sale, and is searching for buyers of untested customer returns.

As said, the condition of these goods is unknown, because they have not been tested. Nevertheless, the wholesaler informs that there are damaged and broken LTLM kettles only. Because of that, there will be no warranty on these goods, or even an option of returning them to the wholesaler’s warehouse.

ltlm kettles customer returns

There are 1000 LTLM kettles total available to buy, and the minimum to take is a pallet consisting of 200 appliances. According to the wholesaler’s estimations, approximately 80% of the stock is packed in original retail boxes. If You would like to view some more pictures of these untested returns, please click the following link: website

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