LG refurbished wholesale TVs for sale

Today we have a deal on LG televisions for You to consider. A German wholesaler of consumer electronics have 300 LG tvs for sale, and he is looking for buyers who are willing to take at least 15 units per order. You have to admit, that this is not a big quantity to complete the deal, don’t You?

All of these refurbished electronics were reconditioned by the manufacturer, so it guarantees that all of the brand’s standards have been fulfilled. There are some different models to pick, starting from 37″ screens, to end with 55″ ones.

bulk sale electronics

The packing list of this wholesale lot is available upon request. All tvs are in good condition, and are packed in original LG boxes. Of course, there are all accessories included too, so You can expect quality products, which are saleable to the shoppers of Yours. Finally, You are also welcomed to inspect this bankrupt stock tv at the wholesaler’s warehouse in Germany. We advice You to do so, in order to avoid any missunderstandings or dissapointments. Please mind, that despite the fact that these televisions were refurbished by the brand, You do not buy a brand new merchandise. There might be some minor blemishes and cosmetic disadvantages, therefore the best option for You is to make an appointment and make sure, that this is the merchandise You want.

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