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We regularly receive information, that some of the buyers, who are reading the blog, are interested in untested customer returns. Today’s post will then include an offer on job lot pallets of domestic appliances, and other wholesale electronics.

The deal has been introduced by one of the German wholesalers of customer returns. This is a wholesale clearance deal, so it is valid until all of the available pallets will be sold. To make it even more attractive, the wholesaler decided to complete orders of at least 1 pallet, so almost anyone will be able to buy the quantity he needs.

job lot pallets of customer returns

What sort of products are available within this deal? There are some wholesale electronics, like dvd players and radio receivers, but most of the stock are brown goods and domestic appliances, including toasters, blenders and coffee makers. Unfortunately, there is no packing list for this stock, so the best option for You, will be to contact the wholesaler, and ask him about the possibility of inspecting the stock.

Since all of these products are untested customer returns, they are sold without any warranty, or even an option of returning them to the wholesaler. Again, that is another reason for making a stock inspection, before ordering the stock.

The final important information about this deal, is that there are some sales restrictions. None of these products can be resold in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. For more information, please go to the following link: job lot pallets

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