Job lot small household and kitchen appliances for sale

Big load of small appliances is available to purchase from one of the Spanish wholesalers. Unfortunately, we have no manifest of available items, but we will share with You all of the essential information about this offer.

small appliances wholesale

As You can see, there are kitchen and domestic wholesale appliances for sale. The wholesaler mentioned, that the stock consists of coffee makers, microwaves, blenders, toasters, sandwich makers and more. As said, we have no manifest available, but You might ask the wholesaler about it.

The total available amount of these small appliances is 150 pallets. The products come from cancelled orders mostly, also surplus stocks and end of line stocks. The wholesaler claims, that all of these products are new. Still, You should find out more about this offer, before You will get involved in serious negotiations.

This job lot can be shipped within Spain, or outside Spain, but we do not know if there is an option of have these items delivered to any country. The minimum to purchase is 33 job lot pallets of this stock. For any further information about this deal, please get in touch with the wholesaler directly: link

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