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Today we will introduce You an offer on brand new wholesale white goods. The whole clearance stock includes fridges only, which have been manufactured under Home brand’s name.

First of all, You should know anything about the brand, as it’s name is not popular. This is one of the Electrolux brands, so this fact should change the attitude of both, potential buyer of this stock and consumers which will eventually buy these refrigerators.

As already said, these clearance white goods are brand new, without any defects, blemishes etc. They are all packed in original boxes, and the supplier claims that the packages are solid.

What’s really interesting here, is the fact that there are no sales restrictions in this deal. A buyer is allowed to sell these goods anywhere in the world.

Models and dimensions of these wholesale domestic appliances can be obtained directly from the supplier. A wholesaler informs, that loading volume is 128 fridges per container. The stock is located in Italy, ready to be shipped.

When we have received this offer, there were 640 fridges total to take. A supplier stated, that he is generally interested in take all deal, but You can always try to negotiate the quantity.

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