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Brand new gas cookers and ovens from a Bulgarian wholesaler

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Gas cookers wholesale Fratelli Onofri Electrolux etc.

An import – export company from Bulgaria is offering for sale several lines of major appliances for kitchen such as ovens and range cookers including popular brands like Siemens, Fratelli Onofri and Electrolux. The prices start from €175.00 / piece.This is an offer from a Bulgarian wholesaler having a good reputation among the buyers. They have just recently offered for sale several lines of brand new kitchen appliances at quite attractive prices, as you can see below:

  1. Built-in ovens by Nordmende, Fagor, Mertz, in original package:
    – 9 pieces FAGOR FDU700X CE(A/A)
    – 13 pieces MERTZ MDS901BS  CE(A/A)
    – 16 pieces NORDMENDE DOU301IX CE(A)
    Available at EUR 175.00 / piece
  2.  Gas cookers with double electric oven by Fratelli Onofri, in original package:
    – 25 pieces Fratelli Onofri SQ 108.50 FEMW TC
    Available at EUR 449.00 / piece, min. order: 12 pieces
  3. Retro style Fratelli Onofri and Electrolux range cookers with double electric oven, in original package. Different models in stock composed of 25 units in total:
    – YRU 108.50 FEMW TC
    – Electrolux EKM90460X
    – YRU 192.50 FEMW TC
    – YRU 192.50 FEMW TC
    – YRU 192.50 FEMW TC
    Available at EUR 349.00 / piece, min. order: 12 pieces
  4. Retro style Fratelli Onofri Imperial gas cookers with double electric oven, in original package:
    – 3 pieces 917976FOM IM 192.50 S FEMW TC (IM90DFS)IN CE(A)*
    – 1 piece 918262FOM IM 192.50 FEMW TC “F.ON”IN/O CE(A)
    – 2 pieces 918267FOM IM 192.50 FEMW TC “F.O”GIA/O CE(A)
    – 2 pieces 918268FOM IM 192.50 FEMW TC “F.ON”IN/A CE(A)
    – 1 piece 918273FOM IM 192.50 FEMW TC “F.ON”GI/A CE(A)
    – 2 pieces 918954FOM IM 192FF50 FEMW TC “F.O”IN/A CE(A)GER
    – 1 piece 964416FOM IM 192FF50 FEMW TC BIA AN/A CE(A)GER
    Available at EUR 699.00 / piece
  5. Siemens HB953R50 ovens in original boxes
    – 110 pieces available, min. order 35 pieces
    Available at EUR 249.00 / piece

All the products are brand new and originally packaged. You can collect them in person or have them shipped to your place. The seller accepts payment in cash or by bank transfer only.

If you want to find more detailed information on the stock, please follow the link below:

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