Duracell LED flashlights wholesale stock

Wholesale clearance deal on Duracell LED flashlights, has been announced by one of the wholesalers from the Netherlands. This stock includes 2000 sets of flashlights total.

There is only one type of set available to buy, and it is presented in the picture from below. As You can see, the set includes 1x big flashlight (5 LED lights) and 1x small flashlight (3 LED lights). What’s important, 6 batteries are included, what makes this value pack even more interesting to buy.

duracell flashlights wholesale

Some basic information about these Duracell LED flashlights:

Big one: Luminosity: 33 lumen. Distance: up to 20 m. Burn time: 68 hours.

Small one: Luminosity: 20 lumen. Distance: up to 20 m. Burn time: 21 hours.

As said, this is a brand new wholesale merchandise, and the minimal amount to purchase is 100 sets. For any further information about this wholesale clearance deal, please view this offer here: website

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