Daewoo graded wholesale microwaves for sale

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Today we would like to inform You about the deal on cheap wholesale microwaves. This lot consists of Daewoo wholesale microwaves only, and all of these appliances are B or C graded.

Since the wholesaler did not explain the grades’ meanings, You might assume that B graded microwaves are working, and the C graded ones don’t. Nevertheless, please ask about that while discussing the deal with the wholesaler.

Daewoo cheap wholesale microwaves

The whole stock includes 4192 cheap wholesale microwaves by Daewoo, and the minimal order quantity is 50 units. Obviously, there are many different models of Daewoo microwaves available.

The wholesaler published some more pictures of this stock, and a manifest for this deal. We encourage You to view these files, if You find this offer interesting. For pictures and the list, please go to the following link: click here

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