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Today we would like to present You a general offer of one of the suppliers. Instead of detailed pricelist and particular quantities, this wholesaler decided to introduce his business and general merchandise. All detailed information about the available wholesale lines, can be discussed directly.

First of all, the most important thing is the brand. The wholesaler supplies Haier and Haier-related brands only. Furthermore, all of the wholesale white goods are customer returns. Inspite of many other deals, all of these major appliances are graded, so actually these are tested returns.

The supplier provides grading scheme, so among the dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines and many other white goods, one will find appliances with cosmetic or technical problems, as well as units with some quality issues or the ones, which couldn’t have been repaired in 14 days time. It means that both working and damaged white goods are at stock. What’s really important here, a supplier is also capable of supplying spare parts for all models which he offers.

The grading proccedure is being done by Haier qualified staff, so there is no option of any missunderstandings or missgrading the appliances. There will be no suprises too, as the grading scheme is disclosed and available even on the trading platforms, where the supplier lists his offers.

Finally, the wholesaler requires visiting his central warehouse in France before the deal will be made. Just remember, that the minimal order is one 40ft container, so one should view the merchandise before purchasing it, because it will be approx. 165 – 180 units per load. The stock inspections are welcomed then, but a buyer should make an appointment with a supplier, because white goods warehouse is being opened when a buyer’s visit is expected.

All buyers of major appliances should definitely consider this offer. This is a serious deal proposal, and we think that discussing it’s details can bring benefits for both buyer and seller. Just do not forget that we are not in the middle of it, and the final decision is always Yours.

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