Cheap wholesale appliances mixed lot for sale

Today we have for You another offer on cheap wholesale appliances. This time, the lot consists of refurbished wholesale white goods of many types, and is available to inspect and buy in Slovakia.

As said, all of these cheap wholesale appliances have been tested and are fully working. Moreover, they all have been cleaned and re-packed too.

cheap wholesale appliances

Because of that, the wholesaler advertises these cheap wholesale appliances as ready for retail. Obviously, these are refurbished wholesale white goods, therefore You cannot blame the wholesaler, if some of them will have some small scratches or pressure marks. After all, the reconditioning proccedure usually does not include exchaning the original casing of the device or appliance.

The total available amount of these cheap wholesale appliances is 300 units. No worries though, the wholesaler does not require to purchase all of these wholesale white goods. He is offering a reasonable minimum to buy, which is 20 cheap wholesale appliances per order.

Finally, the wholesaler enclosed a list of available white goods, so please view it, if You have any interests in purchasing this wholesale lot. The list can be found here: cheap wholesale appliances

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