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Today we have quite unusual offer for You, which we have received from wholesale UK. The mentioned UK wholesaler has a large job lot of CDs and DVDs for sale.

All of these ex catalogue goods come from one of the major online retailers, and are sold on a take all basis. A picture of these goods, taken in the warehouse, can be found below:

job lot dvd customer returns

As You see, these are music and video CDs and DVDs. Unfortunately, there is no list of the available products, so You should seriously consider inspecting the stock in person, before placing any reservation.

Moreover, at least some part of these CDs and DVDs are warehouse and store damages as well as customer returns, however most of them are sold in original retail packages. In order to contact this wholesale UK, and to discuss the details or arrange a stock inspection, please view some detailed information about this job lot first.

More information: wholesale UK

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