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ex lease laptops wholesale refurbished

Wholesaler of refurbished laptops in Italy

Are you looking for a reliable import export-company specialised in the trade of used and refurbished laptops in large quantity? This seller can offer you both small lots and individual models of refurbished notebooks such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu. All the products come with 12 months warranty. 

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Beko white goods refurbished stock

Refurbished stock of Beko washing machines in the UK

Are you looking for white goods at wholesale prices? This British company has just posted an offer on their incoming arrival of refurbished washing machines, which will be available as off January 2018. These major appliances will be sold at a very attractive price, only GBP 41.00 per unit! You can […]

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wholesale Playstation 2 games bankrupt stock

Games for Sony Playstation 2 – bankrupt stock in Germany

Are you looking for old video games for Playstation 2 sold in bulk quantities? This deal comes from a German wholesaler of small consumer electronics and it makes a perfect offer for you. The prices are really attractive, starting from €0.66 / piece. The total stock is composed of 15000 pieces of […]

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stock - samsung galaxy tab - returns

Damaged Samsung Galaxy tablets returns from Sweden

Are you a refurbisher? Here’s a wholesale deal for you on damaged Samsung tablets, which can be either refurbished or dismantled for spare parts. Stock of 262 pieces located in Sweden.

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Stock of portable scanners IRISCAN Anywhere™ 5

Looking for new gadgets for your store? This portable mini-scanner is perfect as a computer accessory or a stand-alone piece of office equipment. Perfect for travelling business people. It is small, light, cordless and it does not need connection to a computer. You can buy IRISCAN Anywhere ™ 5 wholesale at 125.00 EUR […]

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A-Grade Bosch washing machines wholesale

Are you looking for cheap white goods wholesale offers? We have just found one for you: a like-new stock of Bosch washing machines, located in the United Kingdom, the prices starting from only 50 GBP per piece!

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Duracell LED flashlights wholesale stock

Wholesale clearance deal on Duracell LED flashlights, has been announced by one of the wholesalers from the Netherlands. This stock includes 2000 sets of flashlights total.

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LTLM kettles untested customer returns for sale

Pallets of untested returns will be the main topic of today’s posting. A wholesaler from Czech Republic has a few pallets of kettles for sale, and is searching for buyers of untested customer returns.

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Cheap wholesale appliances untested returns for sale

Buyers of untested customer returns might be interested in this deal. A wholesaler from France is selling a job lot of small appliances, and is looking for a buyer, who will take the whole available amount of these goods.

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Daewoo wholesale appliances mixed lot

About a month ago, we have informed You about Daewoo graded wholesale microwaves’ lot for sale. Today, we have for You another wholesale deal on the cheap appliances of this brand, but this time these are brand new products.

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