Bulk sale 3D video glasses

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For buyers of brand new wholesale electronics, the best possible deal is when a wholesaler has a surplus stock for sale. This guarantees that all products will be relatively fresh, untouched by the customers, and ready for immediate sales. We have managed to find an offer of this sort for You.

Although many TVs and displays offer direct 3D video these days, there are still many people who need to put on 3D glasses in order to view the film in this standard.

3d glasses excess stock UK

One of the UK wholesaler’s has offered a bulk sale electronics deal on surplus stock 3D glasses. There are approx. 415 pairs of these glasses to take, and there is no option of taking any smaller amount. Of course, all of them are brand new and sold in original retail package. Moreover, the wholesaler claims that these are quality products.

To find out more about the deal, please feel free to contact the supplier.

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