Bosch Tassimo refurbished coffee machines for sale

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Bosch Tassimo is one of the most renowned types of coffee machines. In this posting, we would like to share with You a wholesale deal on these products.

There are 800 Bosch Tassimo coffee makers total available to buy. According to the pictures, there are couple of different models of these coffee machines available to buy, but since we do not have a manifest for this wholesale lot, we cannot tell You the specific number and the models’ names.

wholesale coffee machines by Bosch

What we do know, is that all of these coffee machines have been returned by customers. Still, instead of most deals on customer returns, all of these Bosch Tassimo products have been fully refurbished. In other words, You have an opportunity to buy fully working Bosch Tassimo coffee makers.

The coffee machines are packed in original retail boxes. All of them have EU plugs, so if You are thinking about selling these goods in the region, where a different type of plug is used, You will probably have to purchase the converters as well.

The minimal order quantity for this wholesale lot, is 100 coffee machines. For more pictures of these goods, please go to the following website: link.

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