ASDA pallets of customer returns – vacuum cleaners

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ASDA cheap wholesale pallets of stock has just been offered by one of the wholesalers, who is mostly offering untested customer returns. This offer includes ASDA bagless vacuum cleaners, which have been returned by ASDA UK customers.

All of these ASDA vacuum cleaners are 28-days customer returns. None of these vacuum cleaners have been tested for working, therefore You will not be given any warranty on these cheap wholesale pallets of stock.

asda wholesale vacuum cleaners

The wholesaler is offering 1354 pcs of these wholesale vacuum cleaners, but the minimal order is much more lower. If You are interested in purchasing these ASDA untested customer returns, then You will have to order at least 200 vacuum cleaners.

Majority of these vacuum cleaners untested returns are packed in original boxes. The whole stock will include used and unused products, as well as complete and incomplete vacuum cleaners. There is no manifest with detailed information about the condition of each of these vacuum cleaners, so making an appointment with the wholesaler and purchasing these pallets of stock in his warehouse is the best option.

For more information about these ASDA pallets of stock, please go to the following website: link

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