Andrew James small appliances wholesale lot

Today we would like to share with you an opportunity to buy some small domestic appliances. One of the wholesalers has a large parcel of Andrew James appliances for sale.

The basic thing about this wholesale offer, is that all of these products have been refurbished. Still, since there might be quite big differences between the refurbished items, the wholesaler decided to divide them to three different groups.

Andrew James kitchen appliances wholesale

The first one includes almost as new products, the second consists of those appliances, which have some slight signs of usage, and the last one includes those products, which clearly show the signs of usage. Obviously, inspite of that, all of these products are fully operational.

There are 24 pallets of stock total available to buy. Of course, the wholesaler is eager to sell the batch within a one deal, with the particular buyer, but he is also opened for smaller orders. According to him, You will be able to order the pallet You want, therefore if You want to purchase some of these goods, please contact him directly.

More information about the deal: click here

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