Amazon customer returns: mobile phones and tablets

Pallets of Samsung smartphones and tablets customer returns from Amazon are waiting for a buyer. The stock is located in the Netherlands. The goods have not been tested. 

This is an offer from a Dutch supplier of consumer electronics. Every week, the company has new arrivals of Amazon goods, which includes as a minimum about 1500 pieces of various mobile phones and tablets of many brands.

amazon returns phones & tablets
The goods come as untested retourware from Amazon DE, IT, BNL, CH, AT, etc. The wholesaler does not offer any guarantee on them. The lots contain multiple brands and models such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Blackberry Classic, Apple, Motorola, K5, LG G4, Idol 3, X Power, Zenfone, etc. You can ask for a detailed list of products available to be sent to you via email on this site: LINK

The minimum order quantity is 25 pieces. The total quantity of items in stock is 1500 pieces. Average price per item: EUR 35.00.

The wholesaler accepts payment via bank transfer, PayPal and in cash. Collection in person as well as international delivery available.

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