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We did not present You an offer on cheap wholesale electronics for a while now, therefore we have decided to list a stock of wholesale TVs today. It seems to be a decent lot for the retailers and wholesalers of cheap graded consumer electronics.

To be honest, we do not know if the lot consists of TVs only, or are there some dvd-players too. Unfortunately, the wholesaler of these cheap wholesale electronics did not enclose a manifest, and the description of the stock is not monosemantic. Hence, we are 100% sure that among these wholesale TVs, You will find the ones with recording systems integrated, but we cannot guarantee You, that dvd-players are also available for sale.

akira cheap graded electronics

Nonetheless, this lot of cheap graded wholesale electronics consists of Akira products only. Approximately 70% of the whole available amount is working, according to the supplier’s information, while the rest is being offered for spare parts. The total amount is 600pcs of Akira wholesale electronics, and the take all deal is the only way to get them.

Last but not least, please remember that among the working units, You will find a mixture of couple of different grades. It means that some of the products might be in good condition, while the other not.

For detailed information about the offer, just click the following link: cheap wholesale electronics

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