Akai and Tokai audio video accessories pallets of stock

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This time we would like to introduce You an offer on pallets of wholesale electronics untested returns. The offer came to us from a Dutch wholesaler, and the whole lot is available in his warehouse, in the Netherlands.

The parcel includes many different wholesale electronics and multimedia of two brands: Akai and Tokai. All of them are sold as untested customer returns, however the wholesaler claims that these are C grade products. For us, this means that all of these wholesale electronics are damaged, so You should discuss this matter with the wholesaler directly.

wholesale pallets of akai and tokai electronics

There are 6 pallets total, with 650-700 pcs of these goods. The parcel is sold as a single lot, and no smaller orders will be accepted by the wholesaler. Finally, we recommend You making an appointment with the wholesaler of these wholesale electronics, since there is no packing list available. From our point of view, the best thing to do will be therefore viewing the stock prior to buying it.

Detailed information about these cheap pallets of wholesale electronics: click here

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