A-Grade Bosch washing machines wholesale

Are you looking for cheap white goods wholesale offers? We have just found one for you: a like-new stock of Bosch washing machines, located in the United Kingdom, the prices starting from only 50 GBP per piece!

Today we would like to present a wholesale offer from a British seller who is looking to sell used washing machines by Bosch. The products have been fully tested and are ideal for resale throughout Europe. It seems that the company has a permanent stock. They require a minimum order quantity of 10 appliances. At the same time, they offer a discount if you buy full truckload of 160 washing machines.


used washing machines wholesale


What are the prices and condition of the goods?


The white goods have been segregated in three categories: Top Quality (Gold), Quality (Silver 1) and Value (Silver 2).

✯ Top Quality washing machines – Have been fully valeted and tested. They are in a like-new condition, may have a few minor scratches. The prices from only £80 / appliance.

✯ Quality washing machines – Have been fully valeted and tested. They are in good condition with some minor cosmetic defects. The prices start from only £60 / appliance.

✯ Value washing machines – Have been lightly cleaned and tested. The company declares these are their best value appliances. Their prices are the lowest, starting from only £50 / appliance.


If you are interested in purchasing this stock, the seller offers three payment methods: paying by bank transfer, in cash or online. You can collect the goods in person (Grantham), but there is also an option of international shipping of the products.


More pictures of the stock available in the link below:



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